Chiron Software - Business Software Developers

Chiron Software supplies bespoke software development services for applications running in Microsoft, Linux and Unix environments.

Significantly, Chiron Software also provides our own leading package solutions for Data Analysis and Report Generation and File Encryption, which address a number of different problems and business issues.

At Chiron, we recognise the value of critical business data and to utilise and secure this data, we have developed a number of solutions in house and also provide associated software from other leading developers.

Any company that runs a computer system to run their critical business applications is also actually populating databases with all their business information including customers, suppliers and sales information. Many businesses then do nothing with this valuable source of information. The leaders in every business sector actually make use of this data to ensure they make fully qualified business decisions based on full and current information. (see Data Access and Analysis)

Our encryption solutions are as valuable in small organisations as they are in large national and international companies. Every business or individual at home, without exception, should encrypt important business or personal information on their laptops/desktops and any removable devices. (see File Encryption)

Please contact us for a free consultation on any of your business requirements.

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