File Encryption using Chiron Fortress

Why Use File Encryption?

  • Protect content on home or office based PCs
  • Protect content on mobile platforms
  • Protect content for transmission over the internet

In this day and age we all have access to a PC but many of us do not use a file encryption program, whether it be at home or in the office. In either case it is highly likely that you have stored on the hard drive of that PC document which you would prefer no-one has access to. There are many ways to prevent access to a file, but by far the best is to use a file encryption application. Using file encryption changes the contents of the file so that it no longer makes any sense when the file is read by any application, other than the application which performed the encryption. Further more the encryption program will need to know the passwords and encryption keys used to create the encrypted file in the first place.

File Encryption becomes even more important if you are on the move and use a laptop rather than a desktop computer. There are many stories in the media of laptops being left on trains or stolen from the back seat of car. In most cases the owners of these laptops do not employ any form of file encryption so the contents of the hard disk can be easily accessed by any hackers. By using a file encryption program to encrypt the important documents on the laptop the loss of the laptop becomes an inconvience rather than a major headache.

Transmission of data via e-mail or USB Flash Drive can pose another set of problems. Your file or data is leaving the security of your PC and being sent either via the internet or via mail to a specified destination. During the transmission the file or data you do not know who may have access to the contents of the e-mail or USB flash drive. Using a file encryption application ensures that the content of files remain private and secure and can only be viewed by the recipient of the e-mail or USB Flash Drive.

Why use Chiron Fortress?

  • Multiple encryption keys
  • One step file editing
  • Easy to use

Chiron Fortress uses multiple encryption keys. This allows the user to specify one key to be used for coding files which are local to the program, another key to be used for files which are to be sent via e-mail and specify a third key for files which reside on removable media. Fortress highlights any encrypted files using user defined colours.

Chiron Fortress allows users to view, edit and save any encrypted files , using the application that originally created the file. The contents of encrypted files can be viewed by opening the the encrypted file in Fortress, an encrypted Word document will be opened in Word. If the contents or subsequently changed and saved the file will be re-encrypted.

Chiron Fortress has been specifically designed to use the Windows Explorer type of interface. In picking this type of interface the end-user is familiar with the layout and how to use it.

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