NRG Deployment

NRG accesses the data from a business application to produce screen displays and printed reports that are formatted by the user themselves. There are four products: NRG ADMIN, NRG DESIGN, NRG USER and NRG SERVER.


    All report writers have a dictionary that describes the data on your system. The NRG dictionary has features that simplify the definition of this data. This hides the complexity of the data from the user so that they only have to think about the reports they want to design.

    NRG ADMIN includes the data dictionary feature. This allows the user to define the data by maintaining tables, table includes, columns, composites, constants and joins. This task is normally done by the Reseller, exporting the dictionary to each user so that it is available for report design.

    If further applications need adding into the dictionary (NRG can combine data from more than one application) or the definitions need changing in any way, there would need to be at least one NRG ADMIN licence on the system. NRG ADMIN includes a DESIGN and USER licence.


    NRG has a designer that is used to produce reports. It is easy to use and yet has the power to produce the most sophisticated reports.

    NRG DESIGN includes the report designer. A simple user interface with tool bar and drag and drop allows the user to format the report in the style required. NRG DESIGN contains features for sorting and grouping the report and has more than 50 functions to help manipulate the data, producing totals and other calculations with the minimum of effort and know-how. A powerful include feature enables the user to select only the data that is needed to run the report.

    Once the report has been designed, it is then available to run over and over again. Each user that wants to design reports would need an NRG DESIGN licence. NRG DESIGN includes a USER licence.


    NRG USER runs the reports produced by NRG DESIGN. It can output to screen, to printer, to disk files or directly into Microsoft EXCEL™ to produce graphical displays. Using powerful features such as virtual file processing and read ahead, NRG USER can run the most sophisticated of reports. NRG USER has an ASK function that allows information that is needed to produce the report to be entered and passed to the reporting engine at the time the report is run, thus making it extremely flexible.

    NRG USER can be used via a powerful Command Line Interface (CLI). This means that it can be run from within your application or from an ICON making it very easy to run reports.


    For performance and other operational reasons it is often necessary to process the report on the server. NRG SERVER is available for this important task. NRG SERVER can be used in two ways, either from the client PC or from the server itself.

    When running from the client, the user simply selects from a list which server is required for processing. NRG SERVER will automatically connect with the server and transfer the report and dictionary details so that they can be processed on the server. The output can be produced either on the server or can be automatically transferred back to the client PC for display or printing locally.

    NRG SERVER can also be used directly from the server itself. This can be from within the application running on a terminal, from the command line or from the NRG SERVER application itself.

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