Why NRG?
"Business managers should not need to know about databases, data structures and operating systems to access business information".

NRG delivers real tangible benefits to any organisation running almost any computer based application to run their business. The application fulfils the delivery of the business process, e.g. manufacturing, sales order processing, but there is then real business benefit in accessing, analysing and using all the data collected within each system. Instead of making business decisions based on 'gut feel', these decisions can now be made based on real hard facts.

So what does that give to the business? The answer is increased profitability and increased turnover.
  • For use by both IT professionals and non technical end users.
  • Allows access to valuable business information that is stored within any line of business application on any Unix, Linux or Windows platform.
  • Client/Server Technology Allows Processing on Unix, Linux or Windows Servers for Maximum Performance
  • Client/Server Deployment also means A Massive Reduction in Network Traffic
  • Enables any organisation to fully utilise all the information it owns and deploy it for use by employees, suppliers and customers
  • Built for purpose for the SME market
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