NRG End Users

The NRG Report Writer provides data access facilities that are independent of the data sources and are also hardware independent. NRG will support all flavours of UNIX and NT servers and contains many file handlers to enable direct access to most databases and file formats. The end user therefore, is only concerned with the information he/she wishes to access and needs to know nothing about hardware and software configurations.

Organisations are running line of business applications to perform specific tasks, e.g. Sales Ledger, Sales Order Processing, Human Resources, Payroll, Housing Benefits, Manufacturing etc.. The NRG Report Writer provides the capability to access the valuable business information that is captured in these applications and to make it available on demand.

Chiron Software is able to provide flexibility in licencing to address individual end user requirements and provides on site training to enable full advantage to be taken of the functionality of NRG.

Chiron Software’ commitment is to ensure a successful installation and ongoing usage to deliver valuable business benefit.

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