Business Intelligence Reports Designers

What is FinditEZ?

A change Impact Analysis tool for Crystal Reports, Xcelsius, Oracle Reports, SSRS and underlying SQL databases.

It's like Google for your entire report stack.

How does it work?

Find all references

Search all of your source code files, databases, reports, documentation, logs and data at once to produce complete & accurate change impact checklists

How will it help me?

  • Improve productivity, Save time & money: All-inclusive impact analysis
  • Expedite support with live database scans: Connect to and search relational database SQL code, data or schema, even in the cloud
  • Improve quality, Bug free updates: Never miss another required change
  • Produce accurate estimates: Clearly defined project scope

Get free trial?

For more detailed information or to request an evaluation copy of the software, please contact Derek on 07769 908105, email or click here

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